How To Fix Error 6000 Canon MX922 Printer

We will guide you to fix Error 6000 Canon Mx922 multifunction printer.This 6000 error it is caused by a non specific internal fault. That can be caused by anything from debris/obstruction (paper jam, bent/damaged rails, out of place purge assembly/wiper, or dirty/dislocated encoder strip), or bad cartridge to an actual hardware defect (bad sensor or control board, faulty carriage drive motor/gear/belt, bad printhead/carriage pcb).

First steps To Fix Error Code 6000 Canon Pixma MX922 Printer:

1. open up the printer, and check for any internal debris such as scraps of paper, paperclip or staple, etc. Check if you’re able to move the carriage manually, or if it moves on its own when lifting the lid. If it does move, you can proceed with cleaning by blowing out the inside compartment with compressed air and checking carefully on both sides for any obstructions. Then wipe down the encoder strip, which is a clear plastic strip running the width of the printer, that sits just slightly above and behind the carriage. Lastly remove the ink cartridges, and wipe down the metal electrical contacts on them with qtips and rubbing alcohol, as well as where they mate up inside the printer.

2. Then reset the machine

3. unplug power at the wall outlet

4. wait 5 minutes

5. press and hold the power/on button for 60+ seconds

6. keep holding while plugging back in, and for another 60 seconds after, then release


Second steps To Fix Error Code 6000 Canon Pixma MX922 Printer:

The 6000 error is a generic internal error code. Unfortunately, it could mean one of many things. To resolve the 6001 error, please follow the Second steps:

1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord and USB cable.

2. Remove paper from the automatic sheet feeder (in the back).

3. Gently pull jammed paper out, if any.

3-1. If paper is visible from the ASF, use both hands to pull the paper out slowly.

3-2. If paper is visible from the paper output slot, use both hands to pull the paper out slowly.

4. If the paper tears and a piece of that remains inside the printer, open the printer cover and remove the paper from inside the printer.

5. Check ASF with a bright light to check for obstructions. Remove any if found.

6. Open the rear cover to check if the paper is jammed.

7. Pull out the cassette and check if the paper is jammed inside the cassette area.

8. Load paper back into the ASF or cassette.

9. Reconnect the power cord, turn on the printer and confirm that the Alarm light is off. (If there was any jammed paper remaining in the printer, the paper may be automatically ejected.)

How to resolve an Error 6000 issue? There are many solutions offered to fix various reasons for this error code:

(a) For a scratched or smeared line feed, simply clean the LF or EJ slit film with a non-corrosive solution.
(b) For stuck particles, debris, or foreign object in the LF drive, remove the jammed object properly.

If the abovementioned problems are non existent but the Error 6000 keeps flashing, resetting the printer might just do the trick.

1. Unplug the printer from the outlet and let it sit for a few seconds for pause effect.
2. Plug the power cord back and switch on printer. Press and hold the “power” button for a few seconds then press “stop” button twice. Repeat procedure one more time. This time, slowly release the “power” button and press the “stop” button four times. This should clear the persistent error message.

(c) For a defective printer part, replace the defective component. The defective components will include one or more from these: LF / EJ slit film, LF / EJ timing sensor unit, Paper feed roller unit, Logic board and Paper feed motor. Refer to the manual for proper removal and installation of the new part. If you are wary, it is best to seek the help of a professional.


Hopefully you can resolve your problem regarding Canon Pixma MX922 Printer


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