How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287


How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

Error Code e13 Canon
If you have a Canon MP287 and encounter an error P07 this means the ink absorber is full.

It needs a resetter.

Error Code e13

However, another error which may need also resetting is E13 which deals with cartridges problem which means that a cartridges is not inserted properly or is not recognized by the printer.

Also, Your ink cartridges may have ran out of ink.
Replace the empty ink cartridges with some consumables that are compatible with your machine.

Resolving error P07

This error may be solved with some pretty steps which you have to follow together with the resetter. here.exe
How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

I got a hard time on this error too.
However, I was able to solve it after a few attempts.


How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

General steps to solve a problem:

How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

Methode 1 :

Set The Canon PIXMA MP287 To Service Mode. To do that, follow this step, it’s so easy.

1.Turn off the printer without pulling the power cord.
2.Press and hold the RESUME button (Green button), keep holding it and then press the power button, do not let go yet.
3.Keep holding the power button, now release the RESUME button and then press the RESUME button for 5 times and quickly release the POWER button.
4.When the printer entered the Service Mode, all LED will stop blinking.

Methode 2

Reset Canon PIXMA MP287 Using Resetter. Open the mp287.exe, and then follow this step.

    1. Insert some A4 paper, the printer will print the result.
    2. Look for “Clear Ink Counter” section, press the “Main” button and wait for the message “A function was finished” and then press “OK” button.
    3. Press the “Platen” button located beside the “Main” button.
    4. Look for “Print” section, press the “EEPROM’ button, select “Rear Tray” and pres “OK” button.
    5. The printer should printout the result. That’s all, you may turn off your printer now. Sometime you need to press the POWER button several time in order to turn off the printer.

Methode 3 :

      1. Turn Off the printer
      2. Open the print head
      3. turn the printer back on
      4. Cartridges will start moving to the left. Before the cartridges reach the left side, close down the printer cover and leave the printer turned on

How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

Methode 4

      1. Reset your print head
      2. turn off your printer and leave it turned off for a minutes.
      3. turn your printer back on and check if the problem is resolved

Methode 5 :

      1. Remove and clean your print head
      2. Clean printhead connectors with cue tips and alcohol.
      3. Before powering on your printer, be sure that the connectors are completely dry.
      4. Press the power button rapidly to start the reboot mode on the printer

Methode 6 :

      1. Take out all of the ink cartridges
      2. Lift up the grey bar by where the ink goes
      3. Left the print head in the middle of the printer all while the printer was off.
      4. Clean the plastic head primers/cleaners themselves on the printer

Methode 7 :

      1. Replace the problematic cartridge
      2. Check your printer manually when you want to replace cartridge

Methode 8 :

      1. Check for obstraction
      2. You need to power down your printer,
      3. Remove the paper and check for any obstructions

Methode 9 :

      1. Press the power and copy button on your printer
      2. Wait for couple of times
      3. After doing that, the printer should start and you just need to perform a nozzle check.

    How To Fix Error Code e13 Canon mp287

    The issue may also be an indication that the ink tanks are not seated correctly.  Try reseting the ink cartridgess and make sure you hear them snap into place.  Additionally, ensure the unit is being plugged directly into the wall outlet.  If the unit is not being plugged directly into the wall outlet it may not be receiving enough power to function properly.

    Note:  Sometimes, to clear error messages displayed on the LCD or if the printer is not functioning as expected, it may be necessary to also simultaneously press Stop/Reset and ON/OFF buttons.

    Watch this:


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