How To Fix Error Code 6A80

How To Fix Error Code 6A80

This error code 6a80 is showing that the purge unit inside the printer is malfunctioning, the most likely cause is that the wiper blade that comes forward from the back of the printer has jammed and cannot move back.
Fix Error Code 6A80 Printer Problem (Solved) - 5 Solution
We have found that all you will need to do is slide the wiper blade back towards the back of the printer as shown in the picture below.

That error says there is something jammed in either the purge assembly or the sheet feeder on the back not able to turn.

The purge assembly is on the right where the printhead parks for cleaning.

You need to check the following things :

- Check if there is a small piece of paper left inside that might interfere with the operation of the printer.

- Check if there is small object (staple wires) inside the printer.
 always check the print head if placed correctly

Here are some solutions to solve error code 6A80

Here are some solutions to solve error code 6A80 on Canon printers

Solution 1:

-Switch the printer OFF
-Press buttons 1 + 2 + 3 and 4 (simultaneously using four fingers)
-Keep pressing this four buttons for 10 seconds
-Release the On/Off button (number 4) (Keeping pressing the others)
-After a few seconds (when the printer go ON), release buttons 1, 2, 3
Fix Error Code 6A80 Printer Problem (Solved) - 5 Solution
Solution 2 :

-I discovered that the head was blocked from moving all the way to the right by a white nylon lever and discovered that there was a thin, small pad that had come loose and was blocking the mechanism to activate the head motion.

One pad was about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and a second was a narrow 3/32 x 1/2 inch pad both about 1/16 thick.

I removed these pads and the printer returned to normal.

Solution 3 :

-Cleaning two small sponges on the right in the printer with paper tissue. (The head sits over them when not in work).
And pushed them a bit down

Solution 4 :

If the printhead is stuck on the right side.
-Cut a flat stiff piece of plastic from a fruit container, about inch wide by four inches long.
-Slid it under the print head and moved it forward and then to the back a few times.
-Restart the printer.

Solution 5 :
-Switch on the printer
-Open the cover
-Move ahead and back a 2cm x 2cm white item: black rubber item before that white item needs to press down with something like a pencil and this white thing can move.
-Press the black item down as many times the inks let you do this (do not press to hard)


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