Canon e500 Reset Service Tool Download

Download Service Tool V3400 Canon Printer


Canon e500 Reset Service Tool DownloadHow using the Service Tool V3400.PDF

Canon e500 Reset Service Tool Download
The Service Tool V3400, and service tool V3600, allow you to reset the waste ink pad counter on some Canon printers like Canon e500 or e510.
You can fix the messages errors “Waste Ink Tank Full” or “Waste Ink Pad Full”, “error 5B00” or “Error P07” on your printers.

How using the Service Tool V3400 ?

1. Dowload and install the Service Tool Canon V3400

2. Enter in maintenance mode with the printer:
Power off the printer
Connect the printer to the central unit with an usb cable
Hold on the “Resume” button (triangle in a circle) et press “Power”
Hold on these two buttons until the led power lights.
Release the “Resume” button, but not the power button, and press 5 times “Resume”.
Release the two buttons. Leds will flash, wait until it stops. Now you are in Maintenance Mode.

3. Run the Service Tool V3400

4. Choose the right USB port in “USB PORT”

5. In the section “Ink Absorber Counter”, choose “Main”

6. In the section “Counter Value” (%) choose the number the closest of the counter number and clik on “SET” (The counter number is in the section “EEPROM”)



Canon e500 Reset Service Tool Download

Canon e500 Reset Service Tool Download
Reset the Ink Counter (Mac OS X).

Instructions to reset the ink counter. Resets ink counter to an initial value.
Manual ink counter reset:

1. Open the Printer Setup Utility

2. In the Apple menu select System Preferences

3. Open Print & Fax.

4. Make sure the correct printer is selected and, depending on OS version, click ‘Open Print Queue…’ or ‘Print Queue…’.

5. Click the Utility icon.

6. Select the printer, then click ‘Maintenance’.

7. Select ‘Remaining ink level setting’ from the drop down. (To get updated ink level information, click here.)

8. Click the ‘Ink Counter Reset’.

9. Select the ink tank color you have just installed and click ‘OK’.
Note: The ‘OK’ button will be unavailable until a color has been selected.

10. Click ‘Quit’ to exit the BJ Printer Utility window.


Canon e500 Reset Service Tool Download


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